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Juneteenth release

(full publication forthcoming)

This report tells the story about convict leasing in a new way. It visually explains antiquated concepts and complex details, in order to help you understand precisely how convict leasing took advantage of and discriminated against its victims. It provides historical context, diving deep into convict leasing's mechanisms, brutality, and legacy. Ultimately, it seeks to awaken our common humanity and motivate all of us—regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, political alliances, or life experiences—to challenge the systemic racism that blinds us, silences us, imprisons us, kills us, forgets us, haunts us.

This report is focused on Sugar Land, Texas. It is written for a broad audience, on the model of publications of the Equal Justice Initiative. 

Convict Leasing in America: Unearthing the Truth of the Sugar Land 95

Convict Leasing in America: Unearthing the Truth of the Sugar Land 95

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