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Rice University to archive CLLP files


CONTACT: Jay Jenkins, Vice-President

Phone: (515) 229-6928


Houston, TX – The Convict Leasing and Labor Project (CLLP) is proud to announce an agreement with Woodson Research Center of the Fondren Library at Rice University to archive, display, and permanently house documentation of CLLP’s establishment and work following the discovery of the bodies of the Sugar Land 95.

Having worked directly with various agencies and stakeholders since the discovery of the Sugar Land 95, CLLP is proud to give the public access to its archive as this historical moment happens and hopes to shine a light on the actions taken by key stakeholders since the discovery of the Sugar Land 95 in February 2018.

“CLLP’s archives will show the public the resistance we’ve encountered in trying to bring dignity and reconciliation for the Sugar Land 95,” said CLLP President Reginald Moore, whose work prior to the discovery of the Sugar Land 95 is also archived at the Woodson Research Center. “We look forward to sharing the details of our work during this historical moment with the public.”

“We are very excited about the opportunity to make the CLLP archives available to the public. The perspectives and voices from CLLP’s work, in the form of letters, emails, court documents, social media, and more, will be heard through their archive and will have a significant community impact,” said Amanda Focke, the acting head of Woodson Research Center.

Throughout the week, CLLP will be teasing some of the documents that will be housed in its collection at Woodson on CLLP’s Facebook and Twitter pages. To learn more about the Convict Leasing and Labor Project, visit our website at


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