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History Exposed: "This is a Man's World": Women in Texas Prisons (07/17/20)

Just like the slave system it replaced, convict leasing entrapped women as well as men. Dr. Theresa Jach explores the lives of women in a system designed to exploit and brutalize them. How did ideas of gender and race shape the different experiences of incarcerated women on farms? How did women resist abuse? What does this history tell us about the modern prison system and the experiences of women in it?

Join Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) and the Convict Leasing and Labor Project (CLLP) as we reveal the history of oppression within the criminal justice system in Texas and beyond.

Our next guest in this series is Dr. Theresa Jach, whose research into the experiences of incarcerated women in Texas has highlighted the role of race and gender in shaping the Texas prison and convict lease systems and the ways women resisted these oppressive institutions. Dr. Jach is an award-winning professor at HCC-Northwest. She earned her Ph.D from the University of Houston and has served on local advisory committees related to the #SugarLand95. She is the co-author and editor of "Incarcerated Women: A History of Struggle, Oppression, and Resistance in American Prisons" (Lexington Books/Rowman & Littlefield, 2017)

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