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History Exposed: Questions beyond the Sugar Land 95 Report (10/23/20)

In 2018, 95 remains of African American convict leasing laborers were unearthed during the construction of Fort Bend Independent School District’s James Reese Technical and Career Center in Sugar Land, TX. For many, the story of the Sugar Land 95 has been put to rest. However, for others, this chapter will never fully close, or heal. Did the newly published report answer all of the questions that the discovery brought forth? Why is the name “Bullhead Camp Cemetery” being challenged? Join us as Serena Barbieri and Dr. Zachery Montz present their research on the Sugar Land 95 and where the remains now rest.

Join Texas Criminal Justice Coalition (TCJC) and the Convict Leasing and Labor Project (CLLP) as we reveal the history of oppression within the criminal justice system in Texas and beyond.

Our guests in this series are Serena Barbieri and Dr. Zachary Montz. Ms. Barbieri is an editorial assistant at the Journal of Southern History and second year Ph.D. student at Rice University who has created a database of Texas’ convicts leased out to Sugar Land plantations for TCJC. Dr. Montz is a Harris County Project Fellow, and a lecturer in the Department of History at Sam Houston State University. He provides historical consulting and support for TCJC and is currently working on issues related to convict leasing and the Sugar Land 95.

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