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Sugar Land 95 Timeline

Our founder, Mr. Reginald Moore, has told state and local officials for years that the bodies of leased convicts were likely buried on a tract of land where Fort Bend ISD planned to build a school. He was ignored until early 2018, when construction workers unearthed human remains.

April 2018

FBISD announces discovery of historic cemetery at vocational school construction site.

June 2018

Court allows FBISD to exhume the graves​

July 2018

FBISD announces the 95 bodies may belong to inmates from convict leasing system.​

August 2018

Sugar Land convenes task force to ensure the remains are memorialized.

October 2018

The task force votes overwhelmingly to rebury the remains where they were found.

Sugar Land City Council and FBISD agree to reinter the remains at Old Imperial Prison Farm Cemetery.

The city task force is dissolved.

November 2018

Judge denies FBISD's request to move the remains and appoints master in chancery to assist with the case.

December 2018

Judge denies FBISD's objection to master in chancery's appointment. FBISD appeals.

FBISD convenes a new "advisory council."

February 2019

Fort Bend County Historical Commission votes unanimously to support preserving the gravesites.

Fort Bend County Commissioner's Court and FBISD board vote unanimously to begin negotiating a deal allowing the county to buy the land containing the gravesites and create a cemetery and memorial.

June 2019

Gov. Greg Abbott signs HB4179 into law, allowing Fort Bend County to own and operate the abandoned cemetery.